The practical guide for developers who want to have an amazing career, access the best opportunities in the market and become a reference in their expertise area.

Wouldn't it be awesome to be a reference as a developer?

And why being a reference is important for your career?

Because it’s the only guaranteed way to access the best opportunities in the market. If you are not a reference, usually you’ll need to rely on luck…

And if you have been trying to be a distinguished professional you already noticed that it’s a though task.

It requires to constantly learn a ton of technologies, to follow all the buzz-words of the industry… and when a top opportunity arises, it’s not unusual that someone else is considered, not you.

Learn the method that will take your career to the next level

The book “5 Steps to an extraordinary career” presents you the “5 Steps” method.

It’s a set of tested strategies used by a lot of my students and presented through a step by step process, built in a way you can start applying it today.

See what this book will teach you

To finish what you start

You know that book you bought and haven’t read? That course you enrolled in but never attended a class? Or that project that had a lot of potential, but is abandoned on your GitHub? On pages 5, 19, 26 and 34 you will find detailed strategies not only to get out of this vicious cycle, but also to unlock the results that are stuck in whatever you have left undone until now.

To focus

The software development market often pushes us to try to know everything. It seems that we *have* to learn every new technology, framework, language, and other trends. But, starting on page 45 of this book, you will find an entire section that will lead you down the path of identifying your career focus. Then you will feel able to define what does or does not make sense to study, learn, and do. Which will pave the way to the next section.

To be a reference

You probably know some professionals who are always remembered when top jobs come up. And maybe you think this is because they are technically very good, or because they have a lot of experience… and often this is *also* true. But there is one thing you may not have realized: these professionals, for the most part, are seen as a reference within their areas of specialization. That is why, on pages 58, 60 and 72 of the book, it describes step by step what you can do to become this kind of professional.

To learn from your mistakes

We must face one reality: at some point, something goes wrong. Many times, in fact! The unexpected happens, we make wrong decisions, or others make mistakes that affect us. But even though it is clear to us that these things can happen, few of us are prepared for it. It is with this in mind that section 4 of the book was written, starting on page 75. It will lead you to practices and attitudes that will lead you to learn from all your experiences, including those that are not so desirable.

To scale your results

When you apply the four previous items in your career, believe me, you will greatly improve the results you have obtained so far. And many professionals, when they grow too much, at some point have the feeling that there is nowhere else to grow, that there are no new results to be generated. That is why since the beginning of their careers developers should read pages 84, 86, and 92 of this book, which will show you the way to make growth a habit and a practice in your career, and no longer an unbeatable limit.

About the author

Elder Moraes

Elder helps developers to build and deliver fast and high available server-side applications, so they can work on amazing projects.

He is a Java Champion, a published author of six books, and a board member at SouJava, one of the biggest JUGs in the world.

His talks reached +60,000 developers in 9 different countries, and in 3 different languages.

He has been working with software development for more than 20 years, has worked in some of the biggest projects in Brazil and also in big companies like Oracle and Red Hat.

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