6 Myths of delivering software that will destroy your sleep nights

Who care about sleeping? Why a good sleeping night if you can work for long hours, eat pizza when you should have dinner and break the night trying to deliver a new version to production?

Maybe are you working with wrong concepts? Wrong values? Maybe some “experts” are giving you bad advices?

This is the main theme of my talk at DevNexus 2019, that will take place in March 6-8 in Atlanta. Here I’ll let you know why I think you really should attend to this session, and what values, principles and aspects will be covered through the talk:

  1. You will learn how DevOps integrates perfectly with the most agile best practices and its principles. We know that the real definition of “done” is not when development is done coding;
  2. You will learn that some of the most award enterprise practices are not killed by DevOps. At the opposite, there’s a lot of value that you can add to DevOps from them. In order to accommodate the faster lead times and higher deployment frequencies associated with DevOps, many processes require automation, specifically around the change, configuration, and release processes (that are not new at all);
  3. You will learn that none of the main roles in the software industry will be finished by adopting DevOps. Instead, there’s a need of much more cooperation than replacement. In order to support fast lead times and enable developer productivity, DevOps does require many tasks to become self-service. And this is done by people;
  4. You will learn that DevOps it’s not made only for cutting edge projects, highly technical and super advanced. As an umbrella of principles, that’s a lot of value that can be added from it to any kind of projects. Its principles are universal, and they are largely independent of the underlying technology being used (though some of the DevOps patterns have specific technology requirements);
  5. You will learn that DevOps goes far beyond technology. That’s not only automation, feedback loop and other fancy buzzwords. It also requires shared goals and shared pain throughout the IT value stream;
  6. You will learn that DevOps it’s not made just for young companies, young people, young technologies and young projects. A lot – and I mean, A LOT – of huge companies, projects and tons of professional with decades of experience are getting value for their projects by applying DevOps principles on daily basis. It is applicable and relevant to any organization that must increase flow of planned work through Development, while maintaining quality, reliability, and security for the customer.

By not being aware of these concepts, you can end up falling in some DevOps myths that could destroy your project. In other words, you can reach a point of not delivering software. So, in the end of the day, what could be worst in the software delivery than don’t deliver?

Join to this session and learn how to deal with those myths and enjoy your sleep nights peacefully. Bring your questions, your real life stories, your cases of success and/or failing. They all will enrich our discussions over this topic.

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