Blogging course

I have never thought it would exist a thing like a blogging course. I always seen blogging as an empirical thing, specially for technical guys like me (though I always love to write).

Then someday somebody told me: “Do you want to create a blog? So check this site…”:

This person told me if I REALLY wanna try to run a blog, I should take the free course offered by this site.

Man, why the heck somebody would teach someone anything for free?“.

Well, the same answer again: “Why not?“.

I applied for the course and still was trying to get how the things would work… and if they would work.

Now I really can tell you that was one of the best decisions I ever made. The course is given by John Sonmez, a successful programmer who find out how to use a blog to boost your career. And he teaches from his own experience.

The course also took me to start listening to Simple Programmer Podcast and it’s been such a great time in the middle of terrible traffic of Sao Paulo.

You may say: “Why are you so excited? You have just started your blog!“. Yes, this is true. And that’s why I am so excited!

The point of the course is not only creating a blog itself, but the whole things around it. John teach us about planning, focus, theme selection, career, search engines, self marketing and some other things. If I never become a successful blogger (though I believe I will), even then I can assure you that the lessons will be still valuable for my career.

If you wanna check it out, take a look at the site above or at the course hot site:

You won’t regret!

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