Devnexus 2020 – JUG Leaders Summit and Content Schedule

Usually, at this time of the year (the very end) I’m planning my schedule for the next year, especially regarding the events that I intend to attend and try to speak.

One of the best (and coolest) out there and that brings me more excitement is undoubtedly Devnexus. If you never heard about, it is an independent event run by the Atlanta JUG, with the top speakers of the world and with outstanding content.

In 2020, unfortunately, I won’t have the opportunity to attend as a speaker (as I did last year). But, luckily, they have opened positions for JUG leaders to attend to GLOBAL JUGS LEADERS SUMMIT, which is just *amazing*!

I’ll be there representing SouJava, one of the biggest JUGs of Brazil and in the world. For me, it’s a double honor: to represent SouJava and to attend Devnexus!

This kind of meetup between JUG leaders is one of the most interesting things in getting involved with JUGs/communities. Each group based on some city, country and/or culture have their way to engage with their communities. To absorb these differences and experiences is something awesomely valuable! This can help a lot to improve engagement, management, and leadership with our communities.

If this is not enough, there’s also the opportunity to attend to the talks of the top Java speakers in the world. Names like Venkat Subramaniam, Josh Long, Sean Philips, Edson Yanaga, Jessica Pointing, and many many others. There are more than 170 sessions of subjects like Java, DevOps, cloud, containers and much more.

I’ve built my schedule! Maybe it can have some suggestions for you:

Wednesday, Feb 19
10:00 – JUG Leaders Summit

Thursday, Feb 20
09:10 – Dueling Banjos – Burr Sutter
10:20 – Game of Streams: How to Tame & Get the Most from your Messaging Platforms – Mark Heckler
11:20 – Exploring Collectors: One of the Most Powerful Utility Class in the JDK – Venkat Subramaniam
13:10 – Effective Java SE 9 through 14 APIs/Lang features, makes your life easier – Mohamed Taman
14:10 – Memory Efficient Java – Kirk Pepperdine
15:30 – Calculating Insulin With Automated Carb Counting Using AI, ML and Web Bluetooth – Todd Sharp
16:40 – Decoding the weather: How GRAF and New Computer Modeling can Change Everything – Kait Parker
17:10 – (De)human future – Ixchel Ruiz

Friday, Feb 21
09:00 – Quantum Computing – Jessica Pointing
10:20 – Keeping Up With Java: Look At All These New Features! – Simon Ritter
11:20 – From Imperative to Reactive Programming – Edson Yanaga
13:10 – 10 strategies for developing reliable Jakarta EE & MicroProfile applications for the Cloud – Fabio Turizo
14:10 – Maximizing performance with GraalVM
15:30 – Performance tuning Twitter services with Machine Learning, Part 2: JIT and GC – Chris Thalinger

Wow! This is a busy and amazing schedule, with the best content that I’m deeply interested in the next year. I can’t be more excited to be at Devnexus in 2020!

See you there? I hope so!

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