I have to say: Apple really rocks!

This is a kind of “off topic”, but it is worthy of writing.

Some of you may call me “fanboy” or whatever… but I really don’t care! 😉

One month ago my Macbook got a big issue. The splash screen became blue or gray (it was varying) and the startup freezes. After tried to fix it for many hours I discovered it was a known issue.

Worst: was a known issue for the Macbook Pro Late 2011 15″! Exactly my case…

As known issue Apple had a case opened at Apple Care to deal with the customers that run on that problem. The thing was: the case was already closed.

No surprise: we are talking about a laptop with almost 6 years. Which company in this world would care about?

Well… Apple did!

Even with the case closed they decided to repair my Macbook. They changed the logic board and the price in Brazil is something like US$ 900.00. It didn’t cost a dime to me.

If they refused to do the fix for free I just would have no arguments to complain. They had no obligation at all to do it.

Now I have a 6 years old Macbook that is still performing like new and… with some new parts inside!

When I decide to buy a new laptop guess what will be the brand? 😉

Thank you Apple!

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