Think your career and move forward 

Today I will not share any architecture content, but a little career advice.

I’ve been doing what I do for 17 years and, of course, still have a lot to learn. If you think you don’t you surely should change your mind set…

One of the lasts things that I’ve learned is: think your career in a practical way and… take the actions that you are supposed to.

Seems to be obvious but… is it the reality in your career? Wasn’t in mine still some months ago.

We are attracted to some comfort zones and tend to feel relaxed once we find it. Don’t do it! Specially in IT market it is a career suicide.

What I did in the end of last year that are making big changes only six months after is:

  1. Found out where I was in my professional life
  2. Defined some challenging steps to get out of there
  3. Took actions as fast as I could

Guess what: the results are coming faster than I could ever imagine!

Would you try it?

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