3 Powerful Tools for Getting Involved with Java EE

On my last post 3 Practical Ways to Be Up To Date With Java EE I told you about crazy options to help you learn everything you want to about Java EE and, of course, stay up to date with it.

The third way I mentioned on that post was “Get Involved“. So if you are wondering how you can do it (although I talked a little about it there), this is the post you were looking for.

There are some options, but If you ask me about it I’d say that are three of them that are absolutely powerful.

Java EE Repository on Github

For me this is one of the most awesome news I heard a couple of weeks ago: Java EE were migrated to Github!

Java.net were an outstanding tool both for Java ecosystem and the whole community for many years, but we really needed a more collaborative and updated tool.

Now Java EE and all projects under the same umbrella are hosted at:


Now you have no excuses! You can help Java EE to move forward just as easy as any other open source project you are used to.

Java EE Discussion Lists

Another result of Java.net shutdown. All lists where migrated Groups.io.

Don’t be shy! Get into the list you prefer and watch, ask, answer and help! More details:


Each Java EE projects has its own list (subgroup), so you can check it at:


Adopt a JSR

As I mentioned in the last post, this is the most easy, funny and effective way to get involved with Java EE. You can find any JUG close to you and check if they are already contributing with Java EE specification (JSR 366).

If they are not… encourage them to! Maybe you are beginning a big initiative for your JUG.

And don’t need to be only with the Java EE JSR. There many others JSR’s under the same umbrella, so you have many choices.

For more information about Adopt a JSR:




And if you are having issues on finding a JUG… let me know and will be my pleasure to help you!

Any comments? Would love to chat with you.

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