Talking about dreams

Hey folks! What’s up?

Today I will talk about dreams. Yup, dreams. If you think that dreaming has nothing to do with your career, so maybe you need to make up your mind…

In the end of 2015 I received an e-mail from Bruno “Javaman” Souza ( talking about dreams for 2016. Don’t need to share too much details, but in the end of message he asked for anybody who feel like to send him their dreams for 2016.

Well I said “why not?”. At least to write a list would help me to organize my thoughts… And the list was:

  1. Get the OCM-JEA certification
  2. Write a technical article
  3. Be a speaker in some event

And then we started to talk to each other about those items and how to make them real. In a couple of weeks he told me about an opportunity to write an article to a major publication (will told you when it is published). Wow! Ok, let’s do it.

Next conversations was about themes, topics and how we would split the work to be done.

We choose a very nice topic and the article was done successfuly… but the purpose here is to share with you how this was an amazing experience for me and how I think i will affect my career and the way I think about somethings:

  • First of all being oriented by one of the most Java influencers in the world was an unique opportunity and a great experience. Bruno is a very nice person, has tons and tons of knowledge and is totally willing to help others;
  • Writing a technical article is not a kind of easy job. You need to research, test, write code, then research again, test again, write code again… And then write about it, and write again… Maybe while you are learning something new! If you are not used to it in your daily activities, maybe you feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning;
  • Having a target of saying something valuable to others is great! You have to learn, you have to think twice before say anything and you need to be very careful on what you are doing.

This was only the first article. I am not willing to stop! And I am very sure that this will impact my career in a very effective way. Not only by learning and sharing things with a highly active community of developers, but also by the whole process needed to achieve it.

I truly recommend you to try it! If you want to just leave a comment to this post and will be my pleasure to help you as somebody did to me.

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